About me
code-writing addict, tech passionate, BROTHER, rock climber, runner...

Basically, I am a nice guy!

Lukas wrote his first computer program in the age of five. He is passionate about Software Engineering, Blockchain Technologies and solving any kind of technical problem. He worked in DevOps for a big enterprise Business as well as a software engineer and consultant for startups and mid-size companies.
As a programmer, he is very experienced with C, Python, Java, Node.js and Solidity, but usually catches up quite quickly with new technologies and languages. In Systems Engineering he is home in the Linux world, but brings a lot of experience on Windows and macOS platform as a user, developer and engineer. Coming to DevOps, he worked most with AWS, Google Cloud, Docker and Jenkins. His main goal is always a maximum level of automation.
In real life, you can find Lukas socializing, having good food, enjoying nature, climbing rocks and running mountains. Currently, he is living in Hamburg, Germany, working as a freelancer in DevOps, System Engineering and Software Development.

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